Delhi-NCR has a population of around 9 million and amongst them 45 lakh people use DTC buses daily to commute from one place to another and the figure is set to rise further in future.  Travelling in a DTC Bus is very much cheap but you will resist to travel via DTC bus after your first journey. Trust me, you will not be able to tolerate the crowd in a DTC bus because it’s beyond your expectation.

Things you may relate while travelling in a DTC Bus:

1. Amazing Crowd! Isn't it?

If you are travelling in a DTC Bus, you won’t be able to get into a comfort zone because of the massive crowd. There is usually no space to stand on your two legs, you will have to place one of your foot on the other one. "You can easily witness 5-6 people hanging on the rickety DTC bus doorway clutching the handles". Instead of fresh air, you get to feel different smells of oils, perfumes, tobacco etc. which ruins you completely and you get frustrated in your whole journey.

2. Beware Of PickPockets!

Travelling in a DTC Bus gives business to the pick pockets also. In a few seconds, your mobile phone will disappear and you will be clueless about it. Everyday a lot of such cases take place with a least chance of tracking the culprits. Infact, sometimes, the bus conductors and drivers are also involved with the pick pockets and shares equal profit. Beware of these pickpockets! Do not keep your mobile phone and wallet in your pockets.

3. Have You Ever Been Caught By The Ticket Checkers?

These are the most strict people because they perform an important task in generating revenue for DTC. You need to worry, if you have not purchased the ticket. A lot of times, these checkers may get into a conflict with the general people especially the women (if they have not purchased the ticket). Even, many a times, the bus conductor is at fault as he takes the money but does not issues the ticket or issues a wrong ticket. The checkers do not listen to anyone, you will be penalized at any cost if you are the culprit. If you are caught by the checkers, then do not enter into an argument with them, just request them and try to negotiate the amount of fine in a soft tone. It may be possible that your fine gets exempted.

4. Have you experienced Fights?

Now, if you travel in a DTC Bus, then its not possible at all that you have not witnessed any fights up till now. This is an amazing moment when you watch an argument between two people especially in a crowded DTC Bus. People enter into conflicts on such a petty issues which may result into abusive arguments. Everyone gets so frustrated that he/she unintentionally gets into a brawl which sometimes becomes difficult to control. "Though its very cumbersome to travel in DTC, still, it is a lifeline for many of us because there are a lot of places where Delhi Metro service is not there but DTC Bus runs on every Delhi-NCR route."

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