You'll Surely Laugh Out LoudAfter Watching These INDIAN Jugaad

India is a place of people with over intelligence and heavy jugaad happening.  Whether be a rural or an urban place in India, people here always turn their obstacles into opportunities finding a ultimate solution for them.  
 Let's Check out those 10 Jugaad, which will surely leave you laughing from the beggining till the end.


1. Can we Call it a Coffee maker? ;)

2. Mother Of 3rd Umpire for sure

3. Desi way of taking Shower

4. What An Idea Sir Ji ! ..

5. Like A Boss :D

6. Heights of Desi Jugaad with helmets

7. Yes, this will surely teach you how to use your plastic bottles

8. Your privacy can also be hidden in this Way

9. I bet you would have never thought of a purifier like this

10. Try this desi Indian heater in the winters

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