List of Wedding Bands for Your Bollywood Type Baraat

There are a few milestones that every individual dream of throughout their lives. A first passion project, job, child, and of course- their wedding day! Lucky for us, even before Pinterest and Instagram could enter that chat, Bollywood helped influence our “dream wedding” goals for quite a while now.  

The question that remains is - why shy away from them? Make them all come true in the most amazing way possible. Wedding Bands. 

You heard it right. Think about it, would the outfit and ambiance have the same effect on the big screen if not for the perfect music that binds the whole scene together? Of course, it won’t! This is why you need the best wedding band in Delhi for that Bollywood-like start to a happy married life.

Here are the top 10 wedding bands that can meet the expectations of your mood board:

1. Chawla Band

When one thinks about a Bollywood wedding, Chawla Band is the way to go! Often recognized as a prime example of a wedding band in Delhi that has maintained an Indian level of rhythm in the music they perform. The list does not just end here! They provide band services for a wide range of occasions and celebrations around Delhi, including weddings and receptions, birthday parties, carnivals, religious programs, and national events too. Depending on the occasion, they perform both traditional and western music to match the theme of your wedding because the topmost priority is your happiness.

2. Jea Band

Often recognized as a “baraat producer, the Jea band provides music, makes people dance, and decorates their barat with beautiful lights and chariots so you can enjoy that 5-star treatment. They develop unforgettable themes for wedding processions in a desi style with fusion to fit that Bollywood goal. Not just this, close to Chawla band, Jea band has also been an integral part of Bollywood community too, being in attendance at the weddings of Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai, Vivek Oberoi, and the Love Aaj Kal shoot.

3. Shiv Mohan Band

Shiv Mohan Band, founded in 1963, was the first nationally recognized brass band specializing in processions at festivals, weddings, and other high-profile occasions. The superb band company in Delhi has up to 200 members and plays a variety of instruments such as trumpets, trombones, saxophones, clarinets, dhol, and other traditional Indian style leather/fiber based rhythm instruments and percussions. To conclude in a nutshell, they are the perfect match for a bollywood style wedding.

4. Maharaja Band

The foundation stone for Maharaja Band was laid in 1969, and the organization has evolved to become one of Delhi's top band service providers since then. A team of highly dedicated and hardworking specialists supports their steadfast pledges to plan an exceptional wedding. Their team includes skilled event planners, flower decorators, designers, and other professionals who use their abilities, creativity, and competence to create unforgettable events. In order to assist the event, these specialists have formed friendly relationships with numerous entertainers, celebrities, chefs, mehandi-walas, furniture vendors, cab vendors, and other service providers. All-in-all just perfect for your Bollywood dream!

5. Sajan Band

Sajan Band is a well-known name among Delhi's event band service providers, offering a diverse range of services for events such as weddings, theme parties, carnivals, and other celebrations. This band, founded in 1951, offers a wide range of services, including Wedding Bands, Wedding Chariots, Fancy Lighting, Fireworks, Chariots, Punjabi Dhol and Bhangra Parties, Shehnai, Wedding Horse, and so on! The most unique characteristic about Sajan Band is that it becomes a part of the occasion to ensure that your event is nothing but spectacular. As you are engulfed in lovely settings, the company floods the occasion with tonnes of lighting, bands, shehnai, and fireworks.

6. Baldev Band

Founded in the year 1958, Baldev Band is primarily renowned for its Punjabi dhol and traditional dancers. They also provide painted horses, elaborate lights, dolis, chariots, and unique musical instruments like the shenai, Tasha, and nagara for that “Jab We Met” celebration. Don’t forget to consider them for your big day!

7. Sohan Lal & Sons Ghoriwala

Sohan Lal and Sons Ghoriwala have been enhancing the beauty of wedding processions for nearly six decades now and continue to do so even today. Fulfilling your Bollywood wedding dreams! Specialising in ghori, band, palki, jhoomar lights, and flower-decorated baghi, Mashaal, elephants, and even camels for baraatis, topped wit dramatic fireworks and dhol, they come as a package all in one. Furthermore, this top wedding band in Delhi also arranges for Rajasthani traditional dancers to perform with custom-made dolis that match the bride's gown and the theme of the reception. Doesn’t this sound dreamy?

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