Kapil Sharma's Ex- Girlfriend Preeti Simoes Says "He Needs Medical Attention", Blames his new Girlfriend For Everything.

A much awaited reaction to Kapil Sharma's abusive Twitter rant after Salman Khan's conviction in the 1998 blackbuck poaching case came from his former girlfriend Preeti Simoes who has commented on the whole issue saying that she is extremely worried for comedian Kapil Sharma’s mental health and well being and also that she was shocked to hear "such a condescending way of talking about women."
Preeti Simoes has known Kapil for about eight years and through an interview she revealed that she and Kapil had been together for years but the famous comedian never even once used foul language against her.
Preeti also added that she believes it is Kapil's new girlfriend named Ginni Chatrath who has posted all those controversial tweets from the comedian's social media account.
On Friday Kapil Sharma had filed a police complaint against his former managers Preeti Simoes and Neeti Simoes along with a journalist, who heads an entertainment website, for defaming and spoiling his name in digital media.

Preeti and Neeti Simoes were also the creative directors of his previous popular TV show named The Kapil Sharma Show. Kapil in his complaint also targeted a particular website which is headed by the journalist, in which he accused by stating.. It launched a malicious propaganda to defame him in digital media

According to the complaint made by Kapil Sharma around six months ago a person approached his close associate and asked for a sum of Rs 25 lakh to prevent some extremely damaging content about Kapil from being published in an entertainment news website.
But because Sharma refused to give in to the demand, the website then started posting false, untruthful, malicious and personal content about his career, finance and his relationships.

Kapil Sharma said that the information was leaked with the sole motive of showing him in negative and poor light. Kapil's lawyer filed the complaint at Oshiwara police station in suburban Andheri.

The complaint came soon after Kapil went on an ugly, abusive rant on Twitter on April 6, defending Bollywood star Salman Khan, though the tweets were later deleted from his account, it was later revealed that his account was hacked. Kapil later admitted to writing those string of tweets.

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