When his First teacher still misses him!!

I’m the ardent fan of ShinChan. He’s like a therapy for me, when I’m stressed, upset or anxious just one episode of Shinchan heals everything. And one day on one of the social sites i came across the real story behind making of ShinChan which reduced me to tears.

The real name of ShinChan is Sinnosuke Nohara. Unfortunately while trying to save his little sister from a car accident, was dead. Misae, his mother was deeply affected by the death of both her children. But she decided to get off this depression and spend the rest of life reviving memories of her children. Thus she started shadowing the happy moments with her children. She made the story reflecting her cheerfulness along with her son. Every day she used to draw on a book with crayon.

One day, when Yoshito Usni discovered this story, he got inspired and created manga and anime by the name of Crayon ShinChan. Thus he spread the happiness across the world by gifting us this story. Every episode spreads more and more joy around. But last episode of Crayon ShinChan was not aired because it was about ShinChan trying to save his sister and get killed in car accident. Indeed it would have been shocking for viewers!!

First I really got disturbed reading this but then I found it inspiring. If his mother wouldn't have decided to sketch down these memories we would have never met ShinChan. 

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