Some facts about Stranger Things that will keep you thinking!!

Stranger Things is one of the most popular Netflix original series. When it was first released on Netflix, it attracted a huge amount of viewers. It still is one the Netflix favourites. Whether it was the creepy kid with the superpowers or the scare that it gives one, this show is really one of the best on Netflix. While fans loved it there are also some weird facts that most don’t know about. Here are some of the facts about Stranger Things that will make you awe and keep you thinking.


1.The Demogorgon was inspired by a real-life monster:-


The Demogorgon is said to be inspired by a real-life monster. The evidence take place at Camp Hero Park in the 80’s and it is believed that the experiment led to the formation of the monster. Also one of the individuals had been experimented here who was supposed to have possessed supernatural psychic powers. The name of the individual was Duncan Cameron. Based on reports, Duncan was able to see through the eyes of other people during these experiments.


2. Charlize Theron was the reason why Millie Bobby Brown shaved her hair:-


Most people will think that Millie Bobby Brown or as popularly known as Eleven was being shaved for acting in the role. But the truth is she didn't. The little actress in fact was against shaving her head. But later the Duffer Brothers came up with an idea to inspire her by showing her the image of Charlize Theron who was in Mad Max: Fury Road. This was enough to change her mind. Although at first she was quite unhappy with it, later she loved it.


3. An audition of around 1,000 kids was done:-


Stranger things wouldn't have been so perfect if there wasn't an audition of around 1,000 kids. It was a very tough task to select the best kids as everyone seemed to be pretty well matched for the series. But well in the end it were these talented little stars who stole the show: Millie Bobby Brown, Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin, Noah Schnapp. Finn Wolfhard, also known as Mike was sick at the time of audition. He sent his tape instead for audition and he got the role.



4. The show was made to represent the 80’s:-


The creator of Stranger Things, the Duffer Brothers seemed to be a lover of the 80’s as they consistently pay homage to the 80’s. To make the show look like it's been shot in the 80’s a digital camera was used to make it look a little grainy.



5. The uniforms of the Hawkins Police Department pay tribute to Jaws:-


Among paying homage to all 80’s films, it also pays it's tribute to the movie Jaws. The Spielberg film, Jaws was one of the most iconic films of the 80’s where a shark wreaks havoc in he Amity Island. The police uniform of the Amity Island is what inspired the Hawkins Police. The Duffer Brothers bring the nostalgia out of the 80’s.

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