Salman Khan wants to insult the Hindu culture in front of the entire world, he is anti national : Swami Om

Bigg Boss contestant Swami Om who was thrown out from the house will be back in the house. 

Controversial Swami Om was the ex-contestant of Bigg Boss show. In his interview, Swami Om said to a Tv channel that he was mistreated inside the house and also the entire house, including Salman Khan, is anti-national.

He also blamed Salman Khan to have forced him to eat non-vegetarian food. According to him Salman sends him chiken in the name of brinjal. A question, "but why would the host Salman do any thing like this?"

Swami also blamed to Salman Khan that he is anti-Hindutva. He wants to insult the entire Hindu culture in front of the whole world.

Swami Om splashed his pee on contestant Bani and Rohan during the tast after that the entire house demanded to throw him out of the house and the show-maker took the decision to let him go from the Bigg Boss house.

Later, when Swami felt that he might be in trouble, he announced it was only water not his urine that he threw on Bani and Rohan.

This is not end here, just to get footage after to coming out from the show, Swami Om gave a statement in his latest interview that he "slapped Super Star Salman Khan"!

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