Lata Ji's reaction to AIB's Tanmay Bhatt's video is a killer!

The Tanmay Bhatt Snapchat video, where, according to him, he ‘humorously’ mocked Indian icons Lata Mangeshkar and Sachin Tendulkar, met with a lot of criticism from celebrities and Indian audience alike. A lot has been discussed and debated regarding the controversial video as many claimed that it lacked any area of actual humor and what it actually illustrated was many ignominious comments about the icons.

Both the icons got support from many of their fans and recently Lata Ji herself reacted after a small hiatus of silence and what she said has a lot of wisdom which, even though, doesn’t contains ‘humorous’ comments and criticism of the AIB stand-up comedian but something which hits the mark even harshly.

She was not at all affected by the comments as she said that she’s been through so much and has faced many hurdles in her life, in front of which, this one is nothing but a rye in a hay-stack. She said, “At an age when other girls play with dolls, I was out of the house trying to find work as a singer. I learnt from a young age that work is the only thing that matters … I don’t like the idea of people getting hassled because of me. I want to assure all my well-wishers that these are very small matters. Here are far greater issues in life. We must not give undue importance to those who thrive on maligning people. I am sure they have their reasons for doing what they do.”

Her reply even further upsurges our respect for her as she seems to understand what and why these issues are brought up and how these issues should be tackled.

If you haven’t yet watched the controversial video yet check it out here before it gets banned, and share what you think about it.

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