Ever Thought Why Rajinikanth Is So Admired?

Rajinikanth- The Thalaivaa is well known for his simplicity than his acting. He was priorly a bus conductor and later on with his acting skills, he became the Super Star. 

The following factors explains you the reason for Rajini to be called as "The Man Of Simplicity"

1. Never Prefers A Van While Shoot Interval :

As already said, Rajini is a man of simplicity who had never stepped into a van of air conditioning during his shooting hours. He always read the scripts of movie under a tree shade with a table fan to relax.

2. Punctuality :

Rajinikanth never felt proud with his fame. He can make people sit waiting for him to come. But Rajini never did that. He was always punctual and would rather come early than everyone for the shoot and would sit reading newspaper.

3. Respects and love his Fans :

Rajini always respected his fans as they respected him. 20 years back in Chennai, 3 of his fans were dead returning back from his birthday celebrations. From then Rajini was such deeply hurt that he stopped celebrating his birthday.

4. Love towards Belongings:

Rajini next after his simplicity is known for his earnings in the films. He is that rich. Though being that rich, Rajini still have his collections of his old film clothes, old car, old furniture and much more.

5. Pays Back The Distributors In case Of Flops:

The Super Star was always in front helping the needy. He never wanted to see his distributors bare the loss of his flop movies. He would rather pay back the sum of the distributors on movie and would always feel responsible for the failure.

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