Be ready to thrill in Bollywood park in Hollywood Streets

A celebration of Mumbai’s legendary film industry in 5 zones inspired by Bollywood blockbusters, enjoy live entertainment, stage performances and flamboyant cinematic rides in an experience unlike any other in Dubai .

For the first time ever, you will live, learn and experience the kaleidoscopic world of Mumbai’s famous film industry, in the world’s first Bollywood themed park covering 1.7million square feet on the opening day.

Mazor Features of Theme Park

  • Covering 1.7 million square feet, it includes replica streets of Mumbai and its main railway station
  • 400 performers - and 200 Bollywood dancers - will entertain in 30 different shows a day
  • Visitors can go on a 3D ride in which they try to chase down the king of Bollywood himself, Shah Rukh Khan
  • The UAE is currently trying to position itself as the world's theme park capital 

The first theme park in the world dedicated to all things Bollywood!

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