She is not just a Normal girl. She is chaos trapped in a human body. She is an angel with invisible wings. You can't burn her. She has a larger fire inside of her. You can't throw her to the wolves. For they come when she calls. You can't trap her in darkness. Because her soul has the darkest shade of black. She is nothing ordinary. She communicates with the moon in her own language. At times, She is Goddess. Yet at times, she turns so dangerous that even the Satan runs for cover. She holds tornadoes and hurricanes inside her. The storms rages at her command. She is a rare combination of wild and calm. Ironically, She feels peace in watching her parts being broken. She is nothing like the one you will come across every other day. She is unique and definitely unforgettable. She is not the one who suport or follows but she is the one who leads. She is the Alpha.

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