6 Reasons Why Doraemon Is Watched By Every Age Group!

Doraemon is a Japanese anime character; specifically, a robot sent back in time to help better the life of a man named Nobita. The two form a close bond and every episode sees Nobita with a new problem and Doraemon with a new gadget to help him solve it.

1. Doraemon is a problem solver.

He has a solution to every problem! Exposure to characters like Doraemon makes kids believe that whenever they encounter a problem, they might just be able to fix it!

2. Doraemon's little sister is stronger than him.

Dorami, a positive role model for girls watching at home, gasp! Dorami instills dangerous ideas like 'women can be just as strong as or stronger than men' in the minds of our sweet innocent children.

3. Nobita is just a kid wanting to enjoy his childhood.

What's up with that? This Nobita character is a very troublesome fellow. He skips chores, doesn't want to study, and behaves like a regular nine-year-old. But it makes us realise that they are supposed to enjoy their youth.

4. Doraemon is a robot.

Oh yeah! Scientific advancement! The best!

5. Doraeman is an icon.

It's EVERYWHERE! People love Doraemon A lot. There's merchandise of it everywhere.

6. The theme song is too catchy.

It's that song that is stuck in our head long after the kids have left and in the wee hours of the night, you'll be humming it.

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