(WARNING: Disturbing Content) 5 things you should never Google!

Our all famous Google was created so that people from across the globe can get all the sorts of knowledge they seek with just a click, arguably the tech-giant has achieved what it planned, with nearly 55,000 clicks in just one second! Check it for yourself on this website: http://www.internetlivestats.com/one-second/#google-band.

However, not only knowledge is what is searched for here, sometimes it’s jokes, sometimes it’s the latest controversy between popular figures and sometimes it’s something to quench the thirst of curiosity. Curiosity; a thing that needs to be dealt with.

So, to raise some of yours curiosity, here you’ll find some of the most ghastly and horrifying things that many warn, not to be googled, or else, you’ll find yourself throwing up somewhere, at least that’s what they say. So, tread ahead carefully as some of these may contain adult content which are definitely not safe for work. (Also, the images you’ll see in this article aren’t the actual ‘thing’)

(Warning: see these at your own risk because some of them are very much disturbing and may scar you for life!)

1. 2 Girls One Cup

So here’s the thing, if you love chocolate ice cream served well on a glass platter, please don’t watch it because once you see this video which you’ll find on many links once you Google the keywords in the heading, you’ll see two naked women eating each other’s *chuckles* feces! So please brace yourselves.

2. Blue Waffle

The Google images which has been your trustworthy companion, providing you with all the pictures you demand, would be cursed by you if you search the title there. A hint, it’s a female disease.

3. Trypophobia

Phobia of a cluster of small holes is known as Trypophobia. It may sound descent enough but as soon as you search this keyword, you’ll find out that you suffer from it too!

4. Pain Olympics

It’s hard to believe that this is even a thing but yeah, pain Olympics is real, sponsored by Body Modification Enzine, where competitors would even cut their own genitalia in order to win. Google is loathed with videos and pictures of the results, so be my guest, search them out if you have the heart for it.

5. Tub girl

Well, don’t go on expecting a beautiful woman in bathtub enjoying a hot water bath. Perhaps what you’ll actually see is a bath, but, a very very dirty one at that.

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