Women with larger booty are smarter and healthier.

It’s not about beauty always , beauty increases your fan following but being healthy increases your life span. So obviously being healthy comes first. A recent study as proved that having a larger bottom provides a healthy lifestyle to a women. Women with a larger bottom are said to have low level of cholesterol and secrete more harmones to synthesis sugar. Oxford Centre for Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism at Oxford University claims that women with big butt are extremely witty and are naturally repellent to chronic illness.

Adipose tissue which is present in the thighs and on bum ,prevents the dangerous fatty particles from entering to the body and also prevents cardiovascular disease. Big butt likely favours the hormones responsible for weight , vascular and anti diabetes regulations. Omega 3 is required to get a big bum, this fat plays a important role in catalysing brain development. So here is why the larger bottom women are genius ( wink !). The research also suggested that children born to larger bottom women are considered to be intelligent as the trait is been passed on from the mother. Even though fat thighs , bigger butt doesn’t appear to be beauty appeal icon, atleast offers healthy well being. Konstantinos Manolopoulos researcher stated , fat around the thighs and butt are healthy but belly fat is extremely dangerous . Gluteofemoral body fat is responsible for the fat distribution all over the body.

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