6 reasons Why should you choose Triton Hospital.

Do you also feel paranoid when choosing a hospital-like many other people? And why not, you should feel a little paranoid. After all it is about the safety of your near and dear ones, or even yourself. One wrong decision can even cost you your loved one’s life. Therefore, you have to be watchful and think on your feet while choosing a hospital for medical help.

We often have to think a lot when it comes to treatment our dear ones, our kids & our parents. Well,  so what boxes you feel a hospital should tick so that you can go for a visit without any hesitation. As per our research i.e. Location, Variety Of Services, Specialised Services, Professionalism, Ease of access to patients/ caregivers & Response Time.

Well, Triton Hospital ticks all of these boxes.


First and foremost, the location of the hospital matters. You need to be able to access medical care as soon as possible in emergencies. Even if the situation is not urgent, you should take help from a professional medical service provider like a doctor or a hospital to avoid complications.

The Triton Hospital is situated in a place that is in a very convenient, particularly to say, in Block C, Nehru Enclave, Kalkaji, New Delhi which is well connected to metro and bus services.

Variety of services

Triton Hospital provides various general and critical care medical services. For example, Dentistry, critical care, gastroenterology, internal medicine, ophthalmology, orthopaedics, paediatric and neonatology, physiotherapy, urology, and general & laparoscopic surgery services to name a few.

Specialized services

Not only general medical care, but Triton Hospital also provides specialized service like oral cancer screening, knee replacements, hip replacements, spine surgery, arthroscopy and foot and ankle surgery, radiology, etc.


The doctors, staffs, and the whole team of Triton hospital has an immense level of professionalism. They are dedicated to quality and providing flawless medical care to all their patients, with no one let behind or treated unequally.

Response Time

They are very quick with their services, from reception to medical treatments, they are fast. Especially in the case of emergencies the hospital take care of all the causalities and help the patient’s caregivers with each step.

Ease of access to patients/ caregivers

The Triton hospital provides medical reports online and through courier service for the ease of the patients/ caregivers. Also, you could take an appointment for your regular health check-ups with ease.

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