What women want at 'That time of the month'

Mood swings and unexplained changes in behaviour are very common among women but such behavioural changes occur during their 'that time of the month'. Men are usually unsuccessful in dealing with this monthly hormonal phase of their partner and are unable to understand what women really want at that point of time. Here is a guide for men who are trying hard to cope with that time of the month in their partner's cycle.

So, what should men do? To begin with, you should take her out for dinner at her favourite place, pull out chairs and hold doors for her. You can even watch that romantic movie with her that she wants you to watch with her. Always keep in mind that it is the physiological and hormonal changes that she is going through that is making her act out so weirdly. So, do as she wish and says. Wear that shirt that she bought for you which you know that she likes a lot. Also, get her chocolates at that time of the month as chocolate suppresses the symptoms of headaches and migraines. You should show sympathy to her and assure her that you understand and accept her the way she is. You should also be patient and wait for 5-6 days to end this period.

Well, this is not it. There are some don'ts as well. You should never question her if she's going through that period of the month. This would mean that you have noticed her attitude change and are unwilling to deal with it. It is important that the man is not critical and doesn't nag his woman during her hormonal phase. Avoid fighting and arguing with her as it adds to her frustration.

With these tips, men can wear their shields and prepare to Dodge the dynamite, with success.

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