What we get by doing Yoga and what we get by doing Gym which is better have an idea??

Its very important to maintain a good health for every human being. A healthy body has a sound mind.

For a good health some exercise, balance diet and certain exercise are necessary.

To remain healthy one should follow a regular regimen of exercise. There are many ways of physical exercises. People go to gyms to work out on machines, some take a long stroll or jog. Others perform certain physical exercise like bending, stretching, etc.

All forms of exercise are good your physical maintainess but yoga is a complete form of exercise which help to keep physical as well as mental balance too.Yoga contain slow and well balanced movements of the various parts of the body which does not cause much fatigue.

Meditation means to sit straight, closing eyes and keeping palm on palm and resting them on your folded legs. It rids a man of emotional conflict and tension.

Pranayama helps to improve our nervous system.There are many asans which helps to rejuvnate the tired and ill body. All the asanas of yoga nourish our cells.

All forms of yoga are good for physical and mental fitness so keep doing it regularly and stay fit.

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