Wanna lose weight?? Simply detoxify!!

The new mantra for weight loss!!! DETOX!!!

Detoxification is all about cleansing and nourishing your body inside out. Detoxify not only helps in losing weight but also keeps us far away from diseases. It gives us pimple-free face. Detoxifying body is very simple you just need to change some of your eating habits. Our body prefers detoxification naturally so lets see how can we do it

1.Always turn to Organic Food: These foods naturally are toxin-free. So accumulation of toxins is avoided.

2.Massage works: Massaging not only gives luxury but also is a good way to detoxify.While massaging when you push on those pressure points where toxins tend to build, you give them the chance to release.

3.Water heals it: Increase the intake of water in  your daily routine. Water not only helps in properly functioning of the body systems but also of organs. Its helps us to give clearer and glowing skin flushing out all the toxins.

4.No coffee, only Green Tea: Green tea provides essential antioxidants which are needed by our body naturally. It also offers some caffeine to get boosted. Yes, if you’re addicted to coffee but don’t cut down it completely reduce the intake slowly.

5.Exercise and Meditation is a Must: Never be lazy to exercise or meditate because it reduces our stress along with weight. So daily 30 minutes should be given for our body.

6.Eat fiber: Fruits, vegetables, beans, whole grains and legumes are fibers which us to stay away from indigestion. They regulate our bowel movements.

7.Detox Day: Decide a day in the week when you will only have fruits and vegetable soups. This day will detoxify your body to a great limit. This will firstly rejuvenate your body and secondly wont give it the burden of breaking down of complex foods.

8.Junk just spoils it: Junk food always looks tempting but only gives us toxins. Cut down to junk food as much as you can.

9.Sleep well: Straight sleep of eight hours really helps to great extent. Sleep deprivation is the reason for weight loss/gain, lack of willpower and immune system.

10.Stress, be a guest: Stress is the most popular reason of detoxification. Stay away from things and people which makes you stressful and live a happy life.

Detoxification isn’t a magic, it will take time. But will stay with you in a long run!!




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