That's How Stress Can Be Managed

Stress - this word is used so commonly that we don't understand its importance. We mainly don't consider mental health as important as physical. But now as stress is spreading like cancer in the world, it's important to understand why this cmmonly used word is so hazardous to our health. In simple words, stress is the first stage of depression. But unlike cancer, stress has its cure. We can definitely manage the stress. 
First step to stress management is understanding the sources of stress - like changing jobs, moving away fromloved ones, insecurity, workload, harrassment, illness, fear etc. Thus once we understand the cause of stress we can easily rid off the root of it.
Now lets have a look at some tips which will wane your stress and give your mind bliss -

  • Priotize your things and manage the schedule accordingly to have less stress.
  • When you start thinking things that makes you worry or anxious, stop those thoughts by thinking about the things that relax you. It can be thinking about your loved ones or your achievements, your goals, listening to music or reading a book.
  • Speak up about your stress to someone or to yourself. Communicating about your stress can really flush out the negativity and give some relief.
  • Breathing in and out actually relaxes your body as your heart and musles function better, which lowers your stress levels. Breath in; count from 1-10; breath out. Do this several times and stress will leave your side almost immediately.
  • Regular excercise rids off your stress, especially walking.
  • Do things that brings you satisfaction as that relaxes your mind and keeps it content.
  • Massage, aromatherapy, dance, yoga gives great relief mentally.
  • Your hobby definitely helps you in managing stress - be it reading, singing or gardening.
  • Spend time with your family, friends or pet.
  • Socialization helps in forgetting the stress.
  • Learn to say no. Maintain your limits and stick to them. Taking on more than you can only add up to your stress.
  • Stay away from people who are consistently source of stress for you. Limit your time with them or end it.
  • Changing your attitude and expectations towards stressful situations definitely helps.
  • Learn from those stressful situation as each situation teaches us the lesson to deal with our next problem. Stop controllig uncontrollable situations, instead leave it.
  • Have a healthy diet as healthy body can fight well with stress. Avoid aerated drinks, smoking. Adequate sleep is also important.

Stress management isn't an overnight cure. But with ongoing practice and incorporation of resiliency into your lifestyle, you can learn to manage your stress level and increase your ability to fight back with life's challenges.

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