Steroids vs Normal Training

With the introduction of the high performance drugs, the game of sports has totally changed. Athletes can achieve greater success with the use of drugs such a steroids. But it comes at a cost. Too much of the drug use can be very risky to the health.


The Official Olympic Committee has banned the use of such drugs. But is it enough to stop athletes using it? Many athletes still use steroids for high performance. The first time may have been a try, but it soon becomes addiction and many are not able to distance themselves. Although a training with steroids can be very productive and can make your feel your training effortless, it will not be satisfactory in the long term as the realisation would start to creep in that after all it was not you. It was just the work of a drug. It will be harmful to your health and an overdose in long term use can prove to be very fatal.


Normal training is the best way to improve your performance. In comparison to steroids vs normal training, it would be sheer idiocy to choose steroids. Normal training may not make you feel good instantly but in the long term you will see the benefits. A respected athlete is one who trains for days, months and years, who believes in himself and not on external solutions or quick fixes.


There are many examples in the field of sports, who have ruined their careers as a result of drug use especially steroids. It just takes a few seconds to shatter your reputation but takes years to build it. It is much better and wise to stay away from such drugs and begin on a journey on your own inner potential. After all, in the end it will be you who made it not the drug that made you through.

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