Shocking : Another death due to fake supplements



In this world, every one out of three person is concerned about his body and physic which has lead to a bull"s eye marketing hub for the protien supplements companies where every person wants to get buffed up and be the second DWANE JOHNSON. Actually the trend has been set up by our filmmakers and filmstars where they think that every actor should have a good body posture and in this they forgot that a good actor means a person with a good acting skills and not a good body.





This crazy craze of body building has made the supplement companies to do all the whole bag of tricks which has resulted in many fake companies selling fake and very hazardous supplements which has costed lives of many youngster. The newest case is of Muhammad Ahmed from pakistan who was very keen to building 16 inches biceps and 42 inch chest and lost his life because his trainers advised him to take supplements which were not only fake but were also inappropriate for his body type.He died due to Liver and Kidney failure but has left a message that we should not blindly trust our trainers and supplements. 


                   May his soul rest in peace.

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