Finally, the answer for "Why you should not sit and drink milk" is out!

Have you ever heard people tell you that one should never drink milk while sitting and having milk while standing is the best way of consuming milk and that benefits the most. Though there are a lot of reasons for the same, it is one of the most mysterious question that why shouldn’t one drink milk while sitting?

People have multiple answers for this question. Some of them even say that one should sit and have milk for better digestion but that’s just an opposition to a very common and confusing scientifical qestion.

The main reason of why milk should be consumed by standing and not sitting is that if we sit and drink milk then it reaches the half of the body quicky and the process of it’s transportation to the lower body takes time because of a “sitting speedbreaker”. Milk is a liquid which is good for bones as it has calcium in it and hence, if we stand and drink milk then the process of its reaching the entire body in a gush is free and easy. It gets circulated at a quick pace and gives results instantly whereas sitting and srinking milk results in acidity, indigestion and vomiting at times if not taken properly.

It’s something very practical and you definitely would have experienced it at some point of time that drinking milk while sitting would have caused you a bit of uncomfort and unrest. Did it?

Smallest things like these play a very important role in our daily lives and one should definitely take care of these as one day they might come up to be something really big.


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