Who doesn't want to have a lovely day? Who doesn't wants to sleep with a warm smile encapsulating all the beautiful moments at the closure of the day? Who doesn't wants to live each day as if its the last?
Each one of us covet for the days where we can embrace bountiful happiness, love, care and worry free time.
In the times where everybody seems to be in rush to make up for their own unique priorities, we forget to take out time for our own self. Behind all that smiles there is a void inside that needs to be filled up with perennial fountain of love, joy and self contentment.
"Keep calm and spare 20 minutes a day for yogic meditation"
Meditation  is a miracle that can make your life near perfect. Just practice it for twenty minutes each day and feel the difference.

"The eternal happiness,  reinforced concentration, mental strength , control on mind and heart, self awareness, reduced stress, power of acceptance , slow aging and a holistic healthy lifestyle are those yogic miracles  that can change and charge our lifestyle without any cost"

Let alone the pain and worries, take a break for it all about you and your life.
"Yoga a journey of self through the self to the self,(Bhagwat Gita)can make you explore the difference between you and your soul."
Believe it if you have 99 problems get 55 solved through meditation. After all it gives you the energy that you want to attract.
Reboot your life for it just a matter of 20 minutes!

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