Does the mode of listening cause danger to your ears?

Packing your stuffs for Christmas vacation , I am sure headphones stands first in your forget not list. Even Santa would forget his reindeers but we will never ever forget our headphones. But how sure are you that the headphone you use is safe and secure for your ears. But now retailers are stocking up their shops with safe headphones which doesn’t cause damage to the ears. There are headphones which would limit the volume to cause zero damage to your ears, but a recent research states , 30% of the headphones set doesn’t restrict the volume to the desirable limit. Most of the headphones preferred are too loud which immediately damages ear in few seconds which is terrible. Music should act as a cure or background tone for your emotions but not cause a physical damage. Parents are taking measures , to avoid providing with harmful headphones to their kids. But how for is it safe, is still a question mark. Parents think that they have provided their kids with a safe hearing gadget but the reality is the headphones manufacturers are leads bothered about how safe the product is , and how harmful it could be. The volume or the product of the headphones and the duration one hears are inversely proportional. The more the intensity of volume , less time you must be hearing to it for safe hearing. Even the headphones with safer guidelines is less reliable. Some measures that must be taken for a safer listening is Firstly, please avoid non stop listening give some time for your inner ear. Second , volume must be kept limited. Music creates a positive atmosphere around you , but the mode of listening shouldn't cause a danger. So beware !

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