Do You Know That A Single Sneeze Can Give Flu To 150 People?

A study has found that a wayward sneeze is enough to give up to 150 fellow commuters a cold in just five minutes! Researchers have found that the germs spread so quickly that within seconds they are being passed on via handrails on escalators or seats on trains. In the West and in most of the countries, it is considered an ill manner or bad etiquette.

How often we see people coughing or sneezing while on a crowded metro train or on a bus. Many a time we get startled by a sudden sneeze or cough over our shoulder from the man standing behind and what’s irritatingly worse is, forget about covering their nose or mouth, there’s even no expression of ‘sorry’ or ‘excuse me’, nor even an apologetic-look! 

Apart from being discourteous and uncivil, this habit creates an obvious health hazard especially for the people in the vicinity. Making it a point to carry and use a hanky or a tissue while using public transport, therefore, cannot be over emphasized.We can’t totally avoid germs but with a little concern we can certainly prevent their spreading. Sneezing or coughing without a tissue may, in just five minutes, infect other commuters. The researchers have found that a single sneeze expels 100,000 droplets into the air at a speed of 90 mph, individual droplets get transferred to handles, rails and other areas constantly held or touched.

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