We live in that scenario today, in which “Money” is everything to us. We have forgotten about our social life, our family and even our relationships. What remains alive is our dedication towards work leaving aside the most important factor i.e. our health. The Mantra of life has been transformed to “Wealth is Health” as we are not paying adequate attention to our health. In this scenario of hectic schedule, we often ignore those health signals which may turn into spiteful health issues.

Here are some common Health Signals which should not be ignored at all:

1. Isolation and Loss of Interest in Activities

If you are feeling dejected and losing interest in the work, then it may be a case of depression. You don’t want any interference from others and avoid interactions. It may lead to certain psychiatric issues which must be cured immediately.

2. Chronic Coughing

If you are suffering from cough and that too for a long term, then you need to worry about that. The body responds with cough as to counter the pollution and dust particles. If coughing is persistent, it may be a sign of Asthma or Bronchitis. You need to get a treatment, otherwise it may lead to severe issues.

3. Weight Loss

If you are an obese it would be a great feeling to lose weight. But if the weight loss is not driven by dieting, or crazy work out sessions. Then you need to be more carefully, as sudden weight loss may be a symptom of cancer.

4. Sweating of Palms

Most of the people face this issue. It may be due to nervousness and tension. You might have observed this in case of interviews, presentations, just before the exams etc. The case of excess sweating, might be related directly to dysfunction of thyroid hormones in the body.

5. Mumble or Slow Speech

Sometimes, while speaking you may find that you are just struggling to speak or your voice is sounding like that of a drunken person. This happens due to lethargy and may be a case of brain stroke or tumor where the brain may not be able to send signals to the body especially the mouth muscles.

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