Are you a chilli lover, do you always search for spicy food, or want to have green or red chillies to be the main ingredient of the salad. If yes then, you might find it interesting to know that chillies won’t let to over eat by tricking the brain to make you feel full and satisfied soon after eating less than what to actually eat.

Ever wondered how chillies can help in obesity improvement or can prevent over eating?

Chillies are largely made up of capsaicin, a natural irritant. A natural irritant turning beneficial for your health may sound weird. But in reality it does have an impact on body fact. Basically, the capsaicin creates a burning sensation in your mouth. Because of this adrenaline runs through your bloodstream and breaks down fat at a quicker rate. Research and studies has been done on capsaicin, with The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry suggesting that they are connected to the improvements in obesity.

Ever wished that your brain is tricked into thinking that you have eaten a lot when you haven’t actually? Chillies are here for your respite. A study was done testing the theory and proved that eating capsaicin increases fullness and prevents overeating . So if you are having issues with portion control, try and add a dash of chilli or chilli powder into the mix to spice things up.

To add to it, chillies can even affect the blood sugar level to reduce the insulin level and provide us with a stronger and a healthier heart. Diabetic people can include little amounts chillies in their food to stabilise the sugar level in the blood.

At the same time the Vitamin C content in chillies improves the healing power of the body, boots collagen production that fights the sign of ageing.

Well, it’s never too late to spice up your life, body and food!


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