Action Cancer Hospital: Best Cancer Treatment in NCR

Action Cancer Hospital is counted among the premier cancer centers in India that give the unique benefit of the modern and cutting-edge technology, with a foundation laid by well-known specialists. The potent combination of machine and man ensures the best in class cancer care institute is not just available to the patients in India, but from the neighboring and other countries as well. They are fortunate in taking care of more than 2 Lac patients since its inception. This Institute is accredited for the quality of services, as well as holds ISO certifications.

Action hospital offers the super-specialized care services in Surgical, Medical, and Radiation Oncology, and streamlined in dedicated teams. The super specialists in Action hospital practice organ-specific disciplinary approach for cancer treatment and diagnosis, with Tumor Board that act as the second clinic for the cases that are highly critical than the others.

Spread in a wide area, with a current capacity of 250+ patients at any given period, Balaji hospital is the largest cancer care centers right now in Delhi. The services are actually spread on many floors with consultation rooms, and Radiation Therapy areas. Action hospital has state of the art well made modular Operation Theatre with gas scavenging systems and a three-stage air filtration, in addition to two Minor OTs for Day Care Surgeries. This institute has Surgical ICU and Medical ICU and a specialized Leukemia ward. This institute boasts of the independent transplant unit, which has been accredited with revolutionary unrelated transplants, and stem transplants. The supportive facilities like Renal Replacement Therapies, endoscopies are available as well.

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They are committed to bringing the advantages of modern technology to all the patients. Action hospital offers top in class techniques like robotic surgery, True Beam (next generation Radiation Therapy), High-Frequency Ultrasound, Nucleic Acid Testing as well as advanced diagnostic and imaging techniques, which includes Circulating Tumor testing, and more.

Action hospital is unique in Northern India with some following features

  • It is highly experienced and qualified oncology team that is a hallmark of this organization.
  • It’s the comprehensive cancer care treatment setup with all the facilities for treatment and diagnosis of all kinds of Cancers.
  • The research program drives constant improvement in different aspects of clinical care and treatment.
  • Well made subspecialties such as Head and Neck, Thoracic, Breast, Gynae and Urology, GI, Ortho & Neurosurgical oncology in every specialty of Medical, Surgical, and Radiation Oncology.
  • Accredited Blood Bank
  • Accredited Hospital
  • It has got modern therapeutic and diagnostic equipment.
  • Multi-specialty clinics and Tumor Board with the emphasis on patient participation and ethics
  • Clinical Care based medicine with the emphasis on the multimodal treatment.

Balaji Hospital has executed their strategic alliances with renowned institutes. It has catapulted Action hospital in the global league of the select hospitals, which are the pioneers in the new approaches for treating cancer. They are ranked as best Oncology Hospitals in India and won some prestigious award for the Best Oncology Hospital.


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