5 Period Myths We're Conditioned To Believe

The ancient wisdom of our ancestors is being passed on to us frequently by our beloved aunties. And they never fail to tell us newer, fresher, ever so bizarre things about our periods. Let’s bust the myths so circulated for each other’s comfort. For, it is rather hard and futile to tell them to stop (respectfully) bullshitting themselves and ourselves.

1.      We are weaker during our periods: NO, Sir. We’re not. To menstruate is as normal for women as is to be bleed for all humans. Like normal bleed. The mild pains that accompany it are just as normal and in no way debilitating. So, can we please just take a painkiller and get to work? Thanks.

2.    We cannot enter temples or worship during our periods: Why, one may ask? Because get this, we’re ‘impure’. The blood that we lose during these few days comes, believe it or not, from our own bodies, and not from the local dumpster. How is it contaminated? Pray, tell me.

3.    We shouldn’t drink cold drinks during our periods: Unless already suffering from a condition wherein cold drinks are not good for you, there is no need to not consume cold beverages. Go out of town, drink whatever you want. Yes, whatever!

4.    We shouldn’t be seen in a stained garment: This stain is the downstairs equivalent of a bra strap. Everyone wants to ignore the fact that you’re a woman while actively subjugating you for the same otherwise. So here’s what we do. We ignore them.

5.     Scanty bleeding means infertility: You know how we were born to give birth? Imagine how daunting it would be to know that lesser bleeding means lesser chances at conceiving. Let’s just say if the auntie in question is not a doctor who has duly diagnosed you, be a dear and don’t believe her.

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