Relive Ronda Rousey’s shocking return at the Royal Rumble!

Ronda Rousey made an unexpected appearance on Royal Rumble 2018. The former UFC champion made her appearance this time on the grandest stage. Although she had made her appearance previously in RAW which was expected, this time she came out of the blues which was a big surprise for the fans. While RAW’s Asuka was busy with her victory on the women's Royal Rumble, Rousey made her unexpected debut appearance after the match. Asuka was mulling over whether to fight Smackdown champion Charlotte or RAW champion Alexa Bliss, the UFC legend Rousey showed herself and marched towards the ring. After which she pointed to the WWE Wrestlemania sign. 


Being one of the most influential mixed martial artists in the history of UFC, Rousey is an icon for fans all over the world. But her appearance on WWE RAW and this year’s Royal Rumble made her a loved figure among the WWE universe as well.  Many expected she would make a sudden appearance in Sunday's women's Royal Rumble match, she didn't came out until to interrupt Asuka’s celebrations. Rousey greeted Stephanie McMahon in ringside before she made her intentions clear of appearing at Wrestlemania 34. The precious moment was to be for Asuka alone but she was kept in the shadow of Rousey and it ended with an afterthought.


Rousey's appearance caused shockwaves of social media activity around the WWE universe and across headlines over the world.  It seems like Rousey has really created a big fanbase among the WWE fans. Although she plays mainly at UFC, she is always welcomed in WWE without any hesitation. Another superstar Rey Mysterio also made his appearance on the Rumble which is yet another thrilling moment for the fans. The men’s Royal Rumble being won by Nakamura is a new direction where the future of WWE is heading. The 2018 Royal Rumble made another new record of crowd and viewers all over the world. They made a new history and chances are history will be made each year with such great spectators. It is well known that this year’s Wrestlemania will bring something will the past years didn't bring. New debut winners at the Royal Rumble and the first time in history Women’s Royal Rumble has set a new foundation for the future of WWE.  It is no doubt that WWE will keep being exciting and thrilling over the years to come.


The arrival of Rousey shocked the WWE superstars as well. It is very clear that she has intentions of appearing at Wrestlemania but on what motives, is not yet clear to anyone. It was also known that Rousey had signed, sealed and delivered as a full time performer for WWE. She may also be seen much more from now on in the WWE ring. I will be a great challenge for the other woman superstars and the impact that Rousey will place on the WWE Universe. It is yet to be known whom Rousey will face in Wrestlemania and whether it will be a Fatal 4 way match. Wrestlemania will take place in New Orleans on April 8. The road to Wrestlemania would be a very bumpy ride full of thrill and excitement, that's for sure!


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