5 Wonderful Apps Which Surely Improves Your Memory and Sharpness

Train your brain with these awesome applications on Android and as well on your iPhone. We people are always under immense pressure and challenges that we do forget to exercise our brain. Here are some listings of applications which would rather not only makes you stress free but also sharpens your mind improving your memory. Theses are said to be scientifically designed to target and control the human anxiety. So surely go with these applications and improve your sharpness at no cost of stress.

1. Happyify - (Free on iOS)

This awesome application is filled with quizzes, poll, and journals making the user very interesting to play and participate actively. This is specially designed to control stress and anxiety.

2. Lumosity

It is a collection of games which improves your memory in all aspects and helps you take decisions appropriately. A very helpful application for people who love to stay watching at screen and improve their sharpness.

3. Eidetic

A very unique concept of application improving the brain statistics in terms of memory in a different way. It usually uses the spaced repetition concept which helps in memorizing your phone numbers, words or facts.

4. CogniFit Brain Fitness

This is a kind of application which not only improves your memory but are a kind of addictive games which are specially designed by neuroscientists. As designed by such professional neuroscientists it costs a bit on your mobiles. It's about 13$ per month but its a promise that your memory gets improving within a short span of 20 minutes.

5. Personal Zen

A brain training application with calm and attractive animations which concentrates on improving the positive attitude of the user. The user needs to use the app for atleast 10 minutes a day to improve his/her thoughts and anxiety.

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