Another name of Drug is medicine or maybe a lifesaver but we are on a stage where we are making it a reason for death. An overdose of any drug is not recommended and there we use this term “Drug Abuse”.

Adolescence is a stage when we try new things, take risks, and explore more. With this energy, we sometimes get involved in dreadful things like drug abuse. Peer pressure is one of the reasons for substance use. Negative peer pressure often drives one towards drug abuse. It is necessary to work upon the type of friend circle because that plays a big role in a teenager’s life. One of your friends who are into drug abuse might ask you to try once but there is no guarantee of undoing it for sure.

To look cool among people, many use different methods of drug abuse but eventually it is an addiction, which eats them. There are very few who return from this journey of addiction to a normal life. These addicts leave a difficult situation for their families to suffer.

The overdose of a drug has resulted in instant death for almost everyone who tried. One initiates with a little dose to run away from stress, to impress friends or just for the sake to know about it. However, these little doses form a web in your brain and force you for more; this is how a person turns into the addict. That craving makes you do what you would have never thought of.

Stimulants, tranquillizers, hallucinogens, sedatives, cocaine, steroids, heroin etc are the substances abused. This abuse gives a severe result to think of. Our brain, which is capable of doing magical things, and made us invent, gets directly impacted because of drug abuse.

It is always your choice to choose good or bad but teenagers sometimes do not take the right decision and so parents, good friends and teachers appear. Although a drug addict is not easy to be handled, they can be cured. It is necessary for parents to keep a track of child’s behaviour. It is not necessary that if a child is being rude day by day and not concentrating on studies then he is definitely into drugs, however with a talk about the reason with him might release him from stress. He will never look at any substance to support at the time of depression, pressure or stress.

Addicts get many changes in his life. They get less socialized or just stop being in a crowd and choose the wrong crowd. Less sleep and lethargic body is the first gift of drug abuse to an addict.  Their emotions increase and decrease very rapidly with the uncontrollable mood swings. They get rebellious about everything stopping them to use drugs. Some get involved in sex abuse as well which might result in STD as well. Use of needles invites diseases related to blood like HIV.

These drug abusers start stealing, killing and raping or vice versa. They know that this is ethically and morally wrong but this is because of the drug-driven brain.

Say No to Drugs.

Think before you test them because they can destroy you and your family. Rehabilitation is a solution but why do we need it. Just stop abusing drug and be what you really are. Your identity is “YOU” so stop escaping the reality.




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