Why smoking has become the perfect way to commit suicide : DELHI HAS YOUR ANSWER



The best thing about smoking is that it does not only kills you but also your friends and family. The smoke from a single cigarette which is thrown by a passive smoker is taken by the person who does not know how to hold a cigrarette becomes the most ruthless way to die. Without commiting the sin you become the victim of it.


We all have heard about the smog in delhi , it is killing people each day. If you want to see something with your naked eyes tears will flow without your permission , when you will try to breathe your lungs wont support. After Diwali the air of delhi has become the most polluted in the world. According to WHO( World Health Organisation)  the air in Delhi is 42 times polluted than the standards. The two parameters PM2.5 and PM10 has reached the highest in the history of human civilization and living in the capital is synonym to being in a gas chamber.


So is there no awareness about smoking? There is a lot but the fact is we neglect. Smoking is not the answer to your questions it just makes you forget the questions for few moments.

So lets take a pledge we all and our beloved friends will never buy that extra center fresh with that stick when lighted with a matchstick/lighter becomes the straight route to hell/heaven by the path of cancer hence making Delhi then our country and Earth the best place for the coming generation.


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