What is a ‘dream’ ?

We have progressed a lot in science and technology yet the answer remains yet to unfold that ‘what are dreams’ and ‘why do we dream’ ?

A lot of theories and researches have been done because of which scientists are of the view that dreaming has no direct functionality but it is only following a biological process that occurs while you are sleeping. Some experts believe that dreams are vulnerable to a persons mental and physical health also which means your dream will be short lived or vague if you aren’t a good sleeper.
Some researchers have said that dreaming serves as an important role in the biological, cognitive and psychological life of an individual.

But sometimes dreams can be very frightening and sometimes they can be full of joy. Dreams altogether are awesome because you get to see all the impossible and irrelevant stuff that you may never witness in the real world around you, eg. You can fly, meet a dead relative and hey! Even hear your pet talking to you.

Researches done by scientists reveal that all of us dream for about 1-2 hours on an average every night. 
Variety of dreams are.. some are filled with happiness, joy and music while some are highly lucid and vague. Some are frightening and nerve wrecking for kids while some people have reported of a déjà vu in their dreams.

Different dreams give different interpretations also and not all are correct. There are some sayings like if you dream about teeth it means you are too worried about your personality and physical appearance, if you dream of water it represents our emotions, dreaming about vehicles may highlight the obstacles we are facing in life, some witness falling dreams which are way too scary but interpret that your life is slipping out of control. Being trapped makes you look towards life with a different approach because it states you are stuck at a place, dreaming about babies mean you want to continue your family, death means want for a new beginning, meeting someone famous reveals your desire to be like them. Thus different dreams have different meanings and interpretations according to experts. 

The World of dreams is full of suspense and surprises but it is too fascinating also. Who knows your dream might awake you to a new and unexplored view in life.  So keep dreaming and stay healthy !!

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