Top 50 searched weirdest topics on Internet

What's the weirdest topic you've ever searched on the internet? Google has an enormous collection of all the bizarre and weirdest topics which would surprise you and at the same time make you laugh. Here are some of the weirdest searches on the history of the Internet.


2.Why does my mom turn me on?

3.Who skipped biology class?

4. Some very good questions

5. Mind, blown

6.New breakfast delicacy


8.She’s a genius

9.I think rhinos are just like unicorns

10.Why don't girls fart?

11.What are these strawberries doing on my nippled I need them on my fruit salad

12.Why do I have to pee so much

13.Why do dogs eat poop

14.Why do cats purr

15.I am Omega

16.Why is my poop green

17.Why does my husband wear panties

18.Sometimes I like to lay on the floor and pretend in a carrot

19.What to do if a ginger bites me

20. In out of eggs

21. What would happen for if a girl took Viagra

22. Is it normal to be sexually attracted to numbers

23.Why is Nicolas cage on?

24.What's a boyfriend and how can I download one?

25. Google is better

26. Is it bad if your poop floats

27. Why isn't 11 pronounced only one

28.Why am I a loser

29.Is it bad to eat period blood

30.Is it ok to pee

31.What to do if my iPod freezes

32.Sometimes I like to cover myself in vaseline

33.I like to roll like a ball

34.Sometimes when I am alone I use comic sans

35.How do I Google something

36.How to hide a dead body

37.How to mend a broken heart

38.Lady Gaga Naked

39.Is Lady Gaga a man

40.I hate my Job

41.Why do men have nipples

42.How to have an affair

43.How to make my car love me

44.How do I use Google?

45.How to ask a guy out?

46.How to win a lottery?

47. Is it healthy to drink your own urine!

48.Are there people who are sexually attracted to Pokémon?

49.Does your virginity grow back?

50.My cat looks like Hitler?

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