Ever got a chance to experience a hostel life? If not then you ought to realise those moments which hostellers cherish forever in their life.

Staying away from home is not that easy. When you have no one to pamper, no one to serve food, no assistance for your work, no TV or freedom to go out anytime you want, you are bound to feel homesick. However those lucky ones who make friends way too easily rarely ever miss home. True friends at hostel make you relish hostel life over college life.

“They actually miss a whole day at college, spending the entire day with their friends at hostel!”

So what makes hostel so lovable, what are those memories of hostel which are worth bringing a smile whenever relived!

1. Extensive sharing; from toothpaste in morning to night dress at night.

Those who have lived in hostel in their academic years of life know the real meaning of sharing. “Jo tera hai vo mera hai” among the friends, actually applies in hostel. Be it food, dresses, footwear, makeup, assignments or even sim cards nothing belongs to you solely. The need to take permission is defied so ethically!

2. Those silly fights.

The fights that happen in hostel over silly things are the favourite topics of discussions and chit chats that happen when hostellers meet later in life. The fights over your friend impressing your crush, or getting irritated over your roommate’s irritating message ringtone especially when you had test next morning, or giving weird looks to friends when they are talking on phone and you are trying to study, banging the door when your friend takes long in washroom, all are such weird fights which later become lovable memories.

3. Picking up the phone of the boyfriend or girlfriend when roommate is not around.

Many a times the boyfriends or girlfriends call when the roommate is not in their room, and the call is picked up by a wicked friend who spends half an hour or so talking to them, which results in major fights when the friend gets to know. However that is not enough to give lesson to those spoiled brats among their friends!

4. Dodging the wardens.

Another beautiful memory which though was a matter of risk in the actual moment - fooling the wardens and saving the hosteler friend. Often a hosteler friend gets late in reaching the hostel on time or goes for late night outs, in such cases their friends are the life saviours, for they fabricate excellent lies to convince the warden that they were in room only or had gone for important work. The funniest of all is becoming their friend’s mother or father whenever warden called home for verification!

5. Sharp at 12 a.m. they get the cake ready!

The most unforgettable are the birthdays celebrated in hostels. If a friend has a birthday he or she is left alone after 7pm for all are busy in decorating a room for them. At sharp 12 a.m. birthday bells start ringing making it as special as possible for them.

6. Room turns into salon when she has a date.

In girls hostel if a friend has her first date, every one becomes a professional make -up artist, getting her ready, deciding her dress and making her look best on the day. The excitement is not only seen in the girl having the date but in all her buddies, who later are so eager to ask what and how it went! If you ever get a chance to live hostel life, live it to the fullest for what happens in hostel stays in hostel!

7. The late night wake-ups & maggi!

Be it your exam or any other important thing, it is customary not to sleep before midnight in hostel. Eating maggi at night is what you can't resist in hostel. Even if you want to sleep, your super-energetic friends won’t let you. So the only option remains eating maggi, sleeping late, waking up late and entering the class late!

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