This #No1Yaari Story Will Bring Back Your Memories With Your Best Friends.

Though 'M.S.Dhoni: The Untold Story' gave us many life lessons but the most valuable one it taught was ‘Friends are very very very important’.

We always need someone who understands us, becomes our support in out low times and is a full blast to be with. And those who get this support system are the luckiest. Dhoni is one of them. In the film, we already saw in Dhoni’s journey from the talented small town boy to the greatest caption of Indian cricket team. He always had his three childhood friends by his side.  Also when Dhoni gained momentum he stayed loyal to his three friends. They continued to be Dhoni’s essential part of his life. The big reason behind the Dhoni’s success is not just his talent and dedication but also his three friends: Seemant Lohani (Chittu), Paramjit Singh (Chottu bhaiya) and Santosh Lal. Chittu's motivation, Chottu Bhaiyya's efforts and Santosh's helicopter shot together always supported Dhoni to climb the success ladder. Unfortunately, Santosh Lal passed away a few years ago.

McDowell’s No1 Soda’s new short film deciphers ‘Asli Yaari’ can stand the test of time and turn  out  stronger with every passing year. It features MS Dhoni and his real childhood friends from Ranchi for the first time together. They speak about their #No.1Yaari in this short film, real life story.

This film is emotional showing how beautiful bond Dhoni shares with his friends Chittu and Paramjit till date. The video which has been created by DDB Mudra, Bangalore makes everyone heart melt as it captures moments of early years of friendship through old photographs, the excitement around gully cricket, and quirky pranks they played on others.

“A lot has changed over the years but one thing that has remained constant and by my side is my true friendship. Even though we are not able to meet each other very often, but whenever we do, we start from where we last left. Over the years this bond of brotherhood has only become stronger. This video by McDowell’s No1 Soda rebuilds our priceless moments and makes me cherish my yaari even more.”This is what Dhoni says about this touching short film.

Here's the heart-warming video featuring Chittu, Chottu Bhaiyya and Mahi in their nostalgic moment.

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