Milk is a great source of vitamins and nutrients. Remember your childhood, when our parents force us to drink a glass of it and we used to give a sullen expression. By the time, we have all understood the importance of milk and how beneficial it is for our body. Now, what will happen if in the morning you take out milk from fridge or open the packet and witness that your milk is exhibiting out pungent smell? You might be thinking, that you will have to toss out the milk as it is no use.

Hold On! You don’t have to throw it. Here’s what you should do:

1. You can use it for Baking Anything

If the milk has become sour and is not fit for drinking. You can bake about anything using that milk and your milk doesn’t have to get wasted. There are so many food items that uses sour milk as one of its ingredients. So, you can try those food items by referring to their recipes.

2. Make some Paneer out of it

Most of the Indian families find it a perfect solution for the spoilt milk. Actually, it is very easy to make Paneer out of the sour milk and the end result is very delicious. It’s a perfect home cooked Paneer which goes great with salads, fruits and a snack.

3. Make your Face look Gleaming

Yes, the spoilt can be used to add more gleam to your face. Actually, the lactic acid in the milk make your skin smoother and firmer. You need to add some water to the milk and apply to your face. Rinse it off with water after some time. And then see the results.

4. Make Your Plants Grow Strong

Exactly, your plants like to drink the sour milk as it acts as a body-building food for them. Just dilute the milk by pouring some water into it to give some calcium to your plants. Calcium makes plant grow stronger and is very beneficial for tomato plants.

5. Feed your Pets or Street Dogs

The sour milk can also be used to feed the starving bellies of the street dogs or your pets. They won’t mind drinking the spoilt milk. If possible mix some cat/dog food to give your pets a little extra nutrients and calcium.

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