1. Wearing the perfect dress.

Clothes are meant for covering our body and protecting ourselves from heat and cold. That's it. You don't have to wear the perfect dress to impress your boyfriend or look better infront of your friends. You need to stop worrying so much about your clothes.

2. What others think of you.

I'm sure most of us do care what others think about them. But you got to stop affecting yourself and your life because of some morons. Because they are just not worth it.

3. Impressing men.

All the girls want to impress their boyfriend and husband by their beauty, knowledge and intelligence. That's quite natural. But you should not be completely living to impress them. You should be living for yourself and focusing on making yourself happy.

4. Having perfect hair and makeup.

Its completely fine and normal if your kajol smudges or your hair falls out of the pony. These things happen to everyone all the time. You don't have to so much worry about it.

5. Being called crazy.

Women get easily offended if they are called crazy or stupid. Even if we are very happy or laughing out loud, people will calk you crazy. Ignore their words.

6. Fulfilling gender roles.

Women don't HAVE TO cook food because it is women's work or men don't HAVE TO go out to work and earn money because it is men's work. Both can switch their don't have to follow the gender roles set out by the society.

7. Being a virgin.

Being a virgin before marriage is not mandatory for women. They can have sexual relationship with anyone whom they want to. If men don't mind being virgin before marriage, then why women?

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