The Thoughts of A Wanderer

You know what I actually want to do? I want to go to different places. No matter where that place is, be it in my city or somewhere far, vary far. I want to click pictures of each and every place. Not a single memory needs to be left uncaptured. After exploring that place, I want to go to another place and then another till I have been everywhere my heart wants to go. Alone or with someone else, it doesn't matter. I want to go to a shady local bar, get drunk and dance to the music till I am dead on my feet. Go to a city where no one knows me. Wear short dresses and smoke cigarettes. Get something from every place I visit to remind me of the sweet memories years from now. I would take anything in the form of a memory, maybe a flower, or a photograph with the stranger who helped me with directions. I want no boundaries. I am a free bird and I want to live like that. Unconditionally and to my hearts content. 

A wanderer's heart can never be at rest!

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