The more we connect socally, more anti-social we become!

Technology like Smartphone and other devices now connect us to almost everything and everyone, anywhere in the world.
Social media has become our primary form of communication. It’s easier and more convenient to look someone up on Social sites like Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat or whatever (list is endless) than physically staying in touch with him or her or calling on the phone. Technology has replaced this need to catch up with old friends or meet up for coffee, because their entire life stories are literally posted in front of our eyes. But isn’t that what social media is all about: staying in touch with people, and sharing images with friends without meeting?
Earlier, if we needed to communicate with someone, we used to pick up the phone and speak to them. If we needed to know something from a colleague/friend or anyone, we use to meet them and talk to them. But now, everything happens over a Whatsapp chat or Facebook message or Skype calls.
Ironically, we have never lived in a more socially connected world, yet have never been so anti-social.
Ask yourself! When was the last time you picked up your phone and rang a friend or family member for no good reason at all? Just to say 'Hey, I miss you.' or ask them randomly that how are they doing? We don’t pick up calls anymore, we avoid them. We don’t discuss plans verbally, instead we text or message or tweet. We make vague plans, and then we cancel them with an excuse or let’s call that ‘a two-three word text’.
Take a look around you. Most likely, the majority of people we will see are bent forward towards the glow of their phones and tablets. Maybe they look up occasionally so they don’t fall, or to check the time, but whatever is on their digital screens is absorbing them so much in such a way that it will destroy them.
Gone are the days when families or friends actually spoke around the dinner table. Now, each and every is busy in texting or taking stupid selfies or taking useless food photographs (like they are the only photographer left in this world) and uploading them on social sites. I also do that but only when I feel like, Yeah! This is something very nice and I should capture this moment. I don’t know what will happen after 10 years.
As we are becoming more socially connected with the rest of the world, we are becoming more disconnected from each other. We miss the fun, doing the little things that make us happy. The worst of it all is – Wishing someone on social media. Dude! It is just useless; it just diminishes the value of your friendship or relationship. Call them and talk to them for atleast 5 minutes (it will make their day).
Make some efforts to socialize with the world around you, and to become more familiar with people rather than profiles.
Like and comment on our pictures are not a big thing. Fake profiles have likes in Lakhs. If someone comments in our picture, we feel like ‘Woah! They like me’ or he/she can be my friend. But the reality is different. Instead of counting the number of likes, count the memories in your life, because at the end of the day, that is all that matters. For creating memoires you have to call people, meet people. As café coffee day says, “A lot can happen over a coffee.”

Just imagine if our parents and grandparents were like us, would you be happy with that? So just try, put some efforts. Keep your phone aside, talk face-to-face rather than on digital screens.

Our social tools are not an improvement to modern society, they are a challenge to it.

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