Syria, the land of Ribat, Jihad, Arbism and nobility. The country which has risen against the subjugation to confront injustice and the unjust. Yes, it is the land of stature and defiance which is witnessing the toughest conditions from the past so many years. Everyone has a right to dream, aspire and achieve their respective targets. But when it comes to Syria, the genre of dreams gets switched to a death, terror and rebellion. 

The rule of the Assad family and the rise of the leader "Bashar-Al-Assad" who came into power in the year 2000 after the death of his father. Democratic role was not his plan and this led to the root cause of Syrian Civil War. The people started protesting against the leader and formed a rebellion group. Reports reveal that Assad could control the situation but more tension emerged when he started giving preference to some individual groups for the employment purposes.

Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) started spreading it’s wings in the country and formed a coalition with Syrian rebels. The civil war between ISIS and the Syrian government disrupted the whole Syrian economy and took the lives of millions of the civilians. Even the rebel groups, started killing the common people in the name of revolution.

Life of Children in Syria Children in Syria are in great need of urgent medical care after being injured or suffering from illnesses which cannot be treated in the besieged area. Education is a distant dream for the children of Syria. Their life is far away from the comforts, riches and joys of the world. The country has been completely destroyed and people have lost almost everything. Recent attacks at Aleppo, the capital of Syria is the evidence of the miserable circumstances being prevailed in Syria especially in Aleppo. Facts reveal that 300 people were killed in the incident when a barrel bomb struck a school at Aleppo. Thousands of children are believed to be trapped in East Aleppo and dozens of injured children in Aleppo are arriving at remaining hospitals which don't have the means to treat them. Also, intervention of various economies like Russia and Turkey suggest an interest of these countries in the Syrian Civil War as they are trying to seize the territory of Aleppo. No one knows, when the conditions will become normal in Syria and there will be an open environment for the children to experience the world full of happiness, joy and freedom.

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