Every teenager has come across the situation when their parents are telling them that the daughter or son of certain someone has done this or achieved this and see what you have achieved in comparison to that. Am I right or am I right? Well of course it happened and at that very particular moment we would have been cursing the person whom our parents are talking about. But some people do take these comparisons and criticisms very seriously and that is the time when we start losing our self-confidence.

Competitive attitude and comparative attitude has a very fine line in between them and sometimes they both gets mixed up. Competitive attitude is when we are thinking that “Ok! I will become better than everyone” and the comparative attitude is that when we think that “I will become better than that person.” This ‘that person’ is the person with whom we are competing ourselves but sometimes, if we focus on someone in particular, we start to try to do better than that person in certain something in which that person is very good. And then the scenario becomes  something like that, that even if do good, we are not satisfied and because we are focusing on doing a certain something to defeat someone, we stop exploring our other possibilities, possibilities that can make us even better than that certain person whom we are trying to defeat. So stop trying to defeat everyone and start enjoying what you do and in time, you will find your true calling.

Stop  comparing yourself with others and start believing in what you do and you will find peace in your heart and fun your work because doing what you like is always better that doing something that others tell you to do.

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