Sleepless nights have a reason, what is yours??

The worst thing to face is a “Sleepless Night”. Actually, there are 2 possibilities when someone goes through a sleepless night either the person has a disturbed sleeping cycle or the person is actually disturbed deep down under.  Many people suffer through this as it is only the night time when a person gets to encounter hi/her own self which can be quite troublesome at times. The reasons which make you stay awake at night other than a sleep cycles are as follows:

OVERTHINKING: Well, this is the biggest problem one has to go through as overthinking has no particular forte it can happen regarding anything and everything. Relationships, career, studies, future, past, present, money problems etc. are all some of the examples of the topics people over-think about these days.

Over-thinking has a bad habit of forming a chain of happened or not yet happened situations which worsens the effect. People generally hope on to different situations in their mids from happy to sad in no time.

INTERNET: As the world is becoming more and more digitalized with every passing day people have started getting addicted to using the internet on their laptops, smartphones, ipads or whichever gadget they own. Internet which is majorly used for being active on the social networking applicationsor sites consume a lot of time of a person’s existence without their attention on the same. WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder, Pintrest, Facebook etc. are example of your “Internet Consumers” which are rapidly consuming more time in your daily routine.

INSOMNIA: People these days especially youngsters are getting this bad mental hormonal imbalanced disease called Insomnia which stops their willingness or need to sleep. People don’t actually realize when do these night hours pass and this is saddning.

JOBS: Some people have a schedule of working at the night and this is not their fault as the need of them to earn and become independent forces them to compromise with jobs which slowly gobbles up their entire sleep cycle making them habitual “Sleepless Nights”.

These are some of the reason why people fail to sleep at night and the worst part is that the number of people under the category of “Night Owls” is increasing at a fast pace.

What’s your reason? 

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