Sex Robots : Save your sex for special occasions married couples.

Save your sex for special occasions married couples , as robots are the new need satisfiers. A international conference of robots have predicted , using artificial intelligence device in the bedroom will be socially normal within 25 years. The machine would enable people to greater appreciate the real thing says a pioneer in the impact of technology on sexual intercourse. This wouldn’t be a bad idea , as we know a relationship gets stronger and sometimes weaker after a sexual intercourse. This robots will make sure people who are in relationship would realize the value of their partner . Advancement in the field of robotics will make the sex robots more life like and affordable , currently a sex robots cost        £ 7000. Currently the population is totally immersed in technology means it was only a matter of time before it takes a mainstream role in sex said Dr Barber in the international conference.

She added that “It could be that we are so busy with our lives, we are so embedded in our technological narrative that the idea of engaging in long-distance sex and robot sex is actually a natural process in our evolutionary cycle,” But the greater disadvantage would cause a harmful effects on adolescents , they might lose their virginity to a humanoid robot. A recent survey suggest that 10% of population are already prepared to use the new innovation. It is believed that in nearest decade the robots would be socially integrated. It could be used a tool to masturbation but only difference would be it’s a humanoid robot.

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