Self-Exploitation- You should Immediately Stop Doing It To Yourself.

You might be thinking what is so special about this article! Right?

Oh, this is just one of another lecturing on taking care of yourself. Yes, it is somewhat that but I am here to tell you the variety of self-exploitation you should stop doing to yourself.

Firstly, whatever complexion and features you have, embrace it. Because there is no way going back, and how much of your life do you really want to spend just hating what you are? You just got one chance at this life, why don't you start appreciating what it is already there? See, inferiority comes when you compare. Comparison is something that every human does in his lifetime, and that really brings extreme self-consciousness. That is when the inner destruction begins. You wouldn't even realize that you have started to put yourself in such a level that you easily get your self-confidence refrained. You see a third person and start feeling bad about things they got better in any context - facial features, body, designation, financial status.

There it goes. This has happened to everyone and you can't deny it. Even I have, and probably while I am writing this article, I can imagine myself being there sometime back. It's easier said than done, but you HAVE to love yourself. You have to believe in yourself. That's when you can reach a level which you aspired for, or even more. The self-trust needs to be there to create a positive vibe around your doings, so everything is handled in a good mind.

Have a good relationship with your soul and learn about yourself. That is how you would start analyzing things you do right and things you do wrong. And being a good person is all that matters. See, after few years, all this beauty will wither off and all you would be left with is the type of person you are. Your looks cannot offer you a good life, but trust me, being a generous person will. It is wonderful to have people who are with you for what you are inside, the outside automatically seems delightful.

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