Right to Rape..!

Indian govt. is on run since years with one logo “Beti bachao, beti padhao” keeping in mind the sex ration in country and indeed it is a brilliant scheme. However, only with this slogan can we stop crime against women?

I am keeping all issues aside for crime except the very dicey and huge issue i.e. The Dress. Girl’s clothing is international issue where many countries other than India are on the same page. Few of these countries are in favor of a dress code in schools and colleges for girls and others are not. Anyways, let us start with a question- Is it necessary to blame a woman for the crime done by man against her, every time.

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There are many to advocate for crimes by man. They say that girl’s shorts are distracting boys. Bra strap of a girl is distracting boys. Girl’s collarbones, thighs and butts are distracting boys. Even if a girl smiles or says, “Hi” in return of a greeting by a boy is distracting boy. All I could conclude by this is that boys have lost control over themselves for sexual desires.

Have you seen boys out of class/office for the dress code violation often or girls? Girls distracted by the clothing of boys, have you heard of it? Did anybody complaint that my daughter is seduced by the shorts of a boy sitting next to her in class? Sounds stupid, right?


This starts from home. If people apply one more slogan, than thinks can work in a better way for the survival of woman in cloth driven man society. Slogan I would share is “Beta padhao, beti bacaho”.I read this slogan on Facebook posted by my brother and I asked him to explain it. He said that it is not about the dress or make up of a girl but the education; boys get from home since their birth until they rape or assault a girl. Since the birth of a baby boy and a baby girl, parents target girl for dresses. They keep telling her that she cannot wear clothes of her choice because people get attracted and can harm her but they never say the same thing to the boy that he has to follow the same dressing code as his sister. I agree with my brother. Parents do not stop boys to rape but they encourage it by saying that if girls are wearing short clothes then boys will obviously be out of control.

I mean why he would become monster suddenly by seeing collarbones. A girl does not lose control after getting distracted by a boy. Try to find one case out of thousand where a girl raped a boy. It is assumed that girls are not tempted by attractions but they are. Moreover, why do we assume that boys are not in control of themselves? This society was supposed to be moved from man driven to normal where male and female work in collaboration. However, it is sad to see that except few, many wants girls to change things with respect to boys to save both but boys are not being properly educated.

Equality and Freedom, both are in constitution and it is not gender specific. Those who do not respect woman, they do not respect Nation as well. Monsters with the sickness of raping and assaulting woman deserve to die not to be protected in the name of dress code violation by woman. Right to Rape is sickness.

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