Pamper Those Gorgeous Coloured Tresses!

Nowadays hair colouring has become so trendy, like out of 10, 8 girls have a streak of that bright red or highlights of blue or full coverage of blonde. Personally, I love those coloured hair. But with this trend comes some chemicals that ruin our hair. So girls just follow these easy peasy tips to protect your hair and make your everyday a good hair day!

Stay with me forever: We all want the hair colour to stay and never fade. So we can avoid it for some time by protecting the coloured locks from heat like hot hair treatments or sunlight. Replace hot hairwash with cold or lukewarm hairwash. When its necessary to go out in sun wear a hat or a hair sunblock spray. Avoid hot hair tools.

Manage them: Trim your hair after every eight weeks for manageable hair and avoid split ends.

Careful swimming: Avoid staying into pool for long time because chlorine alters yor hair colour. But yes wearing swimming cap will definitely work!

Keep oiling: Regular hot oil massage seals the cuticles making it more healthier.

No Everyday Rinsing: Everyday washing your hair can take a toll on your natural oils. So restrict your shampooing to twice a week. Thus your natural oils are reserved and your hair colour too.

May your shampoo and conditioner be protective: Mainly go for sulfate free shampoo. There also comes 'Colour treated' shampoos of various brands which do not wash away your colour. Also it forms the protective layer on the hair which minimizes the damage causedby the hair colour chemicals. Remember everytime after shampooing, conditioner is the must! 'Colour treating' conditioner should be used after shampooing. Conditioning nourishes the hair and bring a natural shine.

When dry shampoo is at rescue: On those greasy hair days, go for dry shampoo which makes your hair fresh and clean. Alternative to dry shampoo can be a baby powder, it absorbs oil and disappears the grease.

Leave-in conditioner, my bff: Using leave-in conditioner provides extra moisture to your strands and dont give chance the hair to dry or fray.

Natural lasts long:  Hair mask of avocado, egg and olive oil twice in a month after shampooing keeps the hair nourish and repairs the damage.


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