If we want a strong and united India we will have to bring about national and emotional integration among the people. Fellow feeling between different communities will have to be fostered. Anti-social and divisive forces will have to be checked. Parochial, narrow thinking will have to be abandoned.

India is facing a great threat from divisive forces which are bent on destroying its unity and integrity. Even at the time of Independence, certain divisive forces were at work Peace and harmony were sought to be destroyed. Conditions of unrest and insecurity among the people were created. But gradually they were subdued and India emerged a united, cohesive, integrated nation. But unfortunately again India is in the grip of disharmony in many parts. In certain areas communal forces are raising their ugly heads and ripping apart? The friendliness and affection that have for ages subsisted among the members of different communities. In certain other areas caste chauvinism is playing havoc with the lives of people. So many innocent people are falling prey to the cruelties being perpetrated in the name of caste. Yet another factor disrupting the harmony of the country is the unprincipled politics. Absence of values in politics is giving is to separatist tendencies and secessionist elements are getting a fillip.

National and emotional integration is the only answer to the threats of instability that the country is facing at the present.

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