Three words which describes my journey in LPU hitherto is entertainment entertainment and entertainment. A place where a student shall neither feel bored nor would never enter the zone of monotony.
Besides the academic excellence, the institute hosts wide range of events or Co scholastic activities for and by the student organisations. The chain of vibrant events swings precisely between August  to February, making the time period the busiest in the whole year.  Interestingly each event ends up making certain student personalities in or out of campus.
The in campus competitions bring the talented to the fore and make them earn the titles. They are then called as anchors, debaters , dancers , singers and the list goes on.

""LPU indeed gives a gateway to be associated with a certain forte and specialisation."" Each event is led by timely auditions where selection process determines the new faces of the event. The auditions are no less than a whole event in itself where the new faces and talents bares to become the new student personalities. ""Be it the largest global fest the Youth Vibe or the successor - intra uni fest - One India and One World, all are happening enough to make the students love their campus the most."" The pre event aura is filled with cheers, music , excitement and new hopes, all of which is evident in the main event where the students are seen performing their favourite roles and living their days the most.

The post event aura is though filled with sadness of the closure of event but the winners leave a legacy to remembered in each annual event. The recognition they earn in intra or inter university competitions adds feather to the already decorated cap of LPU. ""Not only it is the largest campus of Asia, not only it has the highest placement records, not only it has the most advanced and cite infrastructure, but yes also the most happening aura in the whole year. "" However the events not only give reconginition to those who form a part but even to those who do not let the event fall appart, the student organisers and volunteers who take endless pains to make "their" event a big success. After all its all about their alma mater. And there among all the titles we have that of the "Organisers and Coordinators" who are then always remembered with that tag with their names.

My friends, student life won't ever make a u- turn , live it fully to make it count twice in your entire life. College time is not only golden in essence but also in experience. The opportunities that LPU is giving to its students are way too lavish to help them earn a name and fame in and out. And here I take pride to be the part of my alma mater.

Check Out these images to see the craziness in LPU

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